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October is the month for monsters! Learn how to write yours in this 4-session workshop with an instructor who loves monsters more than you do! Whether you are a fantasy, sci-fi or horror writer, your monsters must be compelling, meaningful and haunting. Come learn how to write the perfect monster!


Monsters are lurking in the woods, beneath the waves and within our favourite books, films and games. Monsters are manifestations of our fears and symbols of our society – not to mention they’re a lot of fun – but each should serve a purpose and enhance the themes and tension in your fiction. In this course, you’ll learn what monsters can (and should) represent in your story and how to create monsters from the ground up.



This workshop meets 4 times so you get enough time to develop your monsters:


3. October, 5. October, 9. October, 12. October



Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus

9220 Aalborg

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Day One
Title: What is a Monster?

Description: This lecture will focus on the basics of monster making. We will discuss what a monster is, why it’s scary and where it comes from. More specifically, we will discuss the roles of phobias, “otherness” and unpredictability in relation to monsters. During the lecture, we will have some in-class discussions on monsters, and you will have the opportunity to play around with a few phobias. Time to frighten yourselves and some readers!


Day Two
Title: Why?

Description: This lecture will focus on the presence of monsters in literature. We’ll focus on the general question: why are they there? More specifically, we’ll discuss how monsters may represent metaphors, obstacles, agents, sources of pity, sources of magic/technology, etc. During the lecture, we will have some in-class discussions on whymonsters are there in the first place. Furthermore, you’ll have the opportunity to be a bit philosophical yourselves. Time to wonder aloud and silently why monsters are there.


Day Three
Title: How Do I Write the Damn Thing?

Description: For this lecture, the focus will lie on a general guideline on how to write the monster. We’ll focus on how to describe the monster as well as the desire for originality. You dowant your monster to be original, right? This time, there’ll be less talking and more writing. Time to write the damn thing.


Day Four
Title: Beneath the Waves, an Unholy Creature of Darkness Lurks

Description: Today, we will pick a card – any card – and create monsters. Time to write.



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