4-Year Program copyThe 4-year program in Creative Writing is a higher education curriculum and requires an unadulterated passion and commitment to studying the art, craft, and business of writing. Students prepare for lifelong careers in one of six specialties: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Children’s Literature, Screenwriting, or Playwriting. The discipline of Creative Writing has become decidedly professionalized throughout academia, and is now available for the first time in Aalborg, Denmark. Students begin publishing work during their first semester and graduate with with a fully written manuscript and published portfolio of work.

Workshops copy 3Workshops last four weeks and are available online or on campus. South Gate Instructors will also come to your school or business to facilitate workshops for your students or employees. Courses are offered in three areas: Creative Writing, Academic Writing, and Business Writing. Each week, students read, write, and engage critically with the course materials employing a Socratic approach to the weekly goals and assignments. Every assignment is a building block that leads to the goal of the final assignment teaching students the process of writing and applying new, innovative skills and techniques to their own documents, essays, stories, scripts, speeches, poetry & more.