How do you know if you need a key to

The South Gate?

You live to write. You write to live. You’re inspired at 3 in the morning, and in a typing frenzy produce 30 pages, creating a new fantastical world filled with heroes and villains. You spend hours choosing three words to make your poem come together in elegant perfection. You listen to the sound of the wheels on the road, inspiring an essay on a childhood memory.

People tell you it’s a nice little hobby.

We say: Get your key to The South Gate. 

The South Gate Society Arts Center is opening the first four-year bachelor’s degree program in Creative Writing in Denmark in August 2015. The Writing School has developed a higher education curriculum commensurate with esteemed university literature departments worldwide who now offer degrees in Creative Writing; a discipline that has become decidedly professionalized throughout academia.

Degree Programs include: Fiction * Nonfiction * Poetry * Screenwriting * Children’s Literature * Playwriting * Creative Communications

Workshops in: Creative Writing* Business Writing * Academic Writing

The Cambridge Companion to Creative Writing states: In recent years, the development of creative writing as a discipline in higher education has changed the shape of literature departments in universities across the globe. It has also changed the development of literary studies through creative reading (‘reading as a writer’) and through practice-led teaching…Creative writing is a rearrival at a balance in which the practice of writing is placed on an equal platform to its study. An act of criticism can also be an act of creativity, and vice versa.

Creative writing as a discipline has also begun to find its way beyond literature and humanities departments. Creative writing is not some add-on to literary studies, nor are its students schooled solely in the study of novels, plays and poems. Creative writing can be an education in the craft of writing in a larger sense. Writers, at their best, are creative writers whether they are writing journalism, plays, philosophy, novels, history, poetry or scientific nonfiction. These creative writers are found not only among the teachers of these subjects but also among their students; and not only in the academy but in the world at large (Morley and Neilsen 1).

For more information, take a look around the website and find information about workshops, degree programs, and other courses offered by The South Gate Society.