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An exciting year studying all forms of creative writing: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Children’s Literature, Screenwriting, and Playwriting. Two semesters, consisting of ten weeks. Each semester includes six classes and two electives. Not only will you learn about creative writing, forms, and genres, but will also practice penning pieces in each genre. You will also learn how to create an Author Platform using WordPress, learn the art of blogging, and begin publishing.  

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4-year program in Creative Writing. The South Gate Society School of Creative Writing offers a higher education curriculum and requires an unadulterated passion and commitment to studying the art, craft, and business of writing. Students prepare for lifelong careers in one of six specialties: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Children’s Literature, Screenwriting, Playwriting. Learn more

Fantasy & ScifiFiction
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Creative Nonfiction
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Children’s Literature
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Playwriting   Learn more!

The following workshops are offered to the public as well as enrolled students in the creative writing degree program. The difficulty level ranges from beginner to advanced. Most workshops last 4 weeks, and are taught either in English or Danish by an expert in the field and generally fall in one of four categories: Creative Writing, Academic Writing, Business Writing, and Craft & Language.

Fantasy & ScifiOriginality in Fiction   Learn more!
Interactive Digital Narrative I   Learn more!

Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
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Introduction to Comics   Learn more!
Superhero Comics   Learn more!
Writing Fantasy & Sci Fi: The Basics   Learn more!
Fantasy & ScifiTolkien & The Hobbit: Reading, Discussing, and Exploring
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The Lord of the Rings: Themes & Characters   Learn more!
Polishing Your Work   Learn more!
English Language I (Beginner/Intermediate)   Learn more!
English Language II (Intermediate/Advanced)   Learn more!

Fantasy & ScifiFan Fiction   Learn more!
Introduction to Creative Writing in 4 Genres   Learn more!

Polishing Your Work (Advanced)
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Introduction to Scriptwriting   Learn more!
Scriptwriting: Creating Unforgettable Characters   Learn more!
Advanced Scriptwriting
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Introduction to Genre Scriptwriting
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Comedy in Scriptwriting
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The following clubs are open to the public. We look forward to meeting you!

Fantasy & ScifiExperimental Performance Group   Learn more!
Sogawrimo (Creative Writing Group)   Learn more!

The Shutter Gate Society
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The Playhouse   Learn more!

images-3The South Gate Society is committed to partnering with high schools, højskoler, and other programs for young scholars. We visit schools on a regular basis, and we’d be happy to visit you and your students, too! Learn more!

Academic Writing I: Day Workshop

This workshop addresses the various rhetorical modes necessary for effective academic writing, focusing on both rhetoric and composition. Using the PBL model (Problem Based Learning), we will focus on writing research-based papers in three stages: Prewriting, Writing, and Re-Writing; each stage of the writing process are weighed equally. We will learn how to properly write an academic paper by deconstruction; focusing on the following elements: Title, Keywords, Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion, and References.

UnknownThe South Gate Society is committed to partnering with businesses to teach your employees better communication skills through writing! Format: On Campus, at your business or at Treanten bibliotek & kulturhus. We conduct workshops for companies in Denmark who want to improve their employees’ writing and communication skills. We facilitate and teach workshops not only in creative writing, but also in business communications. Learn more!

Want to review all the information in one place? You can download our prospectus where you’ll find all the information on times and locations for our courses, clubs, and events. The South Gate Society is committed to working with the community, so please feel free to contact us if you have ideas on future courses.

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