Sparkle Snapshot of Semester Planning

Clearly, I need to have an overview snapshot of my teaching load every semester, so I thought I would share my method with you all. My recipe is a combination of organization and sparkle!

In my journal, or any piece of paper, I make a grid. Each row represents a class, and each column represents the week’s topic. At SGS, we have 10-class session semesters (with Reading Weeks peppered throughout). In this picture, you will see Seminar: Romance, Genre: Romance, Practicum (which I talked about in a post last week), Language: AW (Academic Writing), Business: Blogging for Profit, and Fight Scenes (of which I have posted some updates in Report #1 and Report #2).

When I am prepped for each class, meaning, I have read all of the assigned materials as well as many-a-nother on the topic, and I’ve created the PowerPoint Presentation, I give the box a pink glitter sticker. That means I can show up for class and I will be well-prepared to sprinkle my knowledge and expertise into the open minds of my students.

You can also see in this picture that each of my students has an “assigned sticker” and this is usually a symbol for what I think of them (I doubt they know this, so please keep it a secret, thank you). For example, one of my students, her name is Alicia, has written entries about her dog, Indie (soon to be a superstar!), so you will see that all of her assignment deadlines are marked with a paw print. 

As for the “assigned stickers”, you’ll also see that each student is responsible for presenting information on a novel each week. They have to not only read one novel per week, but they also have to present information about the historical context and the author, then lead a discussion about the text. Curious about the books they have to read for the Romance semester? I wrote a little post about it called “Romance is in the SGS Air” this past week.

Do you want to know more about the SGS students? I think I’ll write more about them in a future post so you can get to know them, their talents, and their sheer amazingness. But for now, remember that…

All that sparkles is…an education!

Written by: LeAnne Kline
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