News Update from SGS

This fall has been an amazing semester! Our students are accomplishing so many wonderful things, from publications to writing jobs, to contest winners, poetry slamming, and event participation! A couple weeks ago, we had an “Art Week” in which students had to create and implement a Guerilla Art project around their towns. We will be publishing some short articles on all of them and their successes for you to read, enjoy, and partake in the inspiration!

Accreditation News:

In other news, we have started writing up the 300-page Self-Evaluation, the first step in Institutional Accreditation. Last year, you may remember, we applied for “Private SU” for our students, but we were denied until we have students in all four years (that’s next year already!). So, in the meantime, we decided to apply for institutional accreditation on our own.

We are also interested in hiring someone as a “dagpenge” intern who might have experience with university accreditation and/or quality assurance. There are a lot of documents that need to be written, and we would love to have help and expertise.

Semester Courses:

As this semester comes to a close, our students are finishing a semester on The Gothic. They have learned about the origins of the gothic genre and moved into contemporary gothic and horror. It was quite fitting for the Halloween season and the dark Scandinavian nights! Next semester, students in Popular Fiction will study the Mystery & Crime genre! And there will be some fun, mysterious projects they will be writing and working on.

SGS Updates:

This fall, we were finally able to hire and pay three people on salaried positions! This is a huge accomplishment for a business run by interns and volunteers, all consider SGS a labor of love, and all want to establish a highly challenging creative writing program in Nordjylland. We also have more international students this year who emanate passion and talent for writing! Stay tuned on more updates on all of them.

Creative Writing Camp 2018:

We are hosting our annual creative writing camp on March 2-4, 2018! Tickets cost 600 DKK this year, but if you buy them before February 1, you can get an Early Bird Special at only 450DKKBuy a ticket for a friend for Christmas, or treat yourself! We can’t wait to see you at CWC18!

Partnerships & Events:

The (No) Boundaries filmmaking workshop will run for the second year, starting in the spring of 2018. If you are an aspiring screenwriter, producer, director, editor, then we’d love to see you join this program. We will teach you the basics from start concept to completion, and help you find short film festivals to submit your final product to!

We would love to see you if you’re interested in joining our group of aspiring writers. Send us an email or give a call. You can also stop by our office in:

Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus

Sebbersundvej 2a, 9220 Aalborg Øst, lokale 2.

+45 4131 8032

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