The curriculum is rigorous and combines a traditional approach to the study of literature with contemporary genres, while also incorporating classes in the craft of writing, and integrates a unique entrepreneurial approach by combining the art of writing with the business of art. The program endeavors to not only inspire writers to write, but to publish, to find agents, and to leave the school with careers in the field of writing.


• What is the South Gate Society Arts Center?

The South Gate Society Arts Center is a private school in which degree programs and workshops are offered in Creative Writing. The inclusion of “Arts Center” in the name of this creative writing school stems from a broader plan to incorporate other forms of art in the course program over the coming years. For example, we also teach Business Communications, Academic Writing, and Technical Writing!

• Where does the name “South Gate Society” come from?  

The South Gate represents a portal that opens into the world of imagination and creativity. And so, upon deciding to enter, artists begin the journey of exploring, improving, and creating works of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children’s literature, scripts, plays, and creative rhetoric to reach others by way of the art of writing, expression, and communication. While also learning the business of creative writing: getting published, writing articles, blogging, building a platform, writing book and business proposals, film funding, and more.

• Why did you decide to found a new creative writing school in Denmark?

 There are three specific areas that The South Gate Society excels at that sets it apart from other writing schools.

  • First, SGS allows for a large enrollment, 10-15 students will be accepted into each of the 7 degree programs on campus, while also opening our degree program online.
  • Second, SGS offers courses and degrees beyond “literary” fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by also providing degrees and courses in popular fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Crime, Young Adult, Fan Fiction and more), as well as Children’s Literature, Playwriting, and Screenwriting.
  • And lastly, SGS teaches the business behind the artist-entrepreneur. The SGS degree programs incorporate the business side of art into every semester and include courses like: Building an Author Platform, Writing Book Reviews, Writing Journalistic Articles, Academic Writing, Blogging For Profit, How to Write a Query Letter, and courses on getting published!

 • When and how can students apply? Would you need a certain education to apply?

Students begin in the Fall semester and move through the courses in a cohort, though students taking the online courses may begin at any time. Our semester begins September 1, with New Student Orientation and a Semester Introduction. When applying for a scholarship or Work-Study position, you are encouraged to apply as soon as March 1 for the Fall semester. Courses are commensurate with higher education. It is recommended that students are, at minimum, in high school or beyond, due to the content on theory, analysis, craft, the focus on the artist-entrepreneur and business of being an artist. Courses are taught in English, so students are encouraged to have a B-level or higher in the English language.

• What do you expect from your students?

The South Gate Society expects students who are passionate about writing and welcome the rigorous curriculum, who are determined to pursue writing careers. Most writers have known all their lives that they were writers, but for many reasons, haven’t fulfilled that dream. Now, there is a school with a collection of talented and published instructors who have all focused their knowledge and expertise into developing a curriculum for students to not only complete novels, memoirs, chapbooks, children’s series, feature films, but to mentor students to find agents, publishers, and to use their degree in creative writing to become professional writers.

 • What dreams can SGS fulfill?

The dream of being a writer! SGS wants to demystify the writing process while encouraging writers in their journey of written communication and storytelling. Many writers have graduated high school, gone on to university, procured jobs, started families, but deep down, they have a compulsion to write. This compulsion is equivalent to breathing for most writers- who can’t live without a pen in their hand, a journal in their bag, or any other palette on which to express themselves through words.

• Is it possible to get SU if you study at SGS?

SGS is currently in the application process of securing private SU for its students and should have more information soon. In the meantime, we have decided the tuition cost is the lowest on the Danish Tuition scale, so our students can afford to follow their dreams.

• What programs does SGS offer? You offer a 4-year programme – but is it also possible to take separate courses?

Yes, students can choose to take a 1-Year Certificate in Creative writing. After completing it, they can then choose to transition into the 4-Year Degree Program, which includes three more years in their spcialization. We also teach workshops that take the form of weekend sessions, or of meeting once a week for four weeks. We also teach online workshops. SGS also visits schools and businesses on a regular basis to present workshops to students, teachers, or employees.

• Will the primary language be English? Do you offer courses in Danish too?

The degree program is taught in English, but students have the choice to write their final projects and prose in their native language (French, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, etc.) in order to capture the nuances and subtleties of their own language.

 • What job opportunities are there for a SGS graduate?

SGS Graduates will be guided through the publication process, so by the end of the degree program, they will have published pieces, and will be prepared to send query letters to agents and publishers. We hope our students will secure agents and publishers for their work or proposals by their fourth year. SGS graduates will also be highly trained in the art of words combined with business courses that will prepare them for jobs in journalism, article writing, review writing, teaching, marketing and public relations copy, press releases, blogging and essay writing. When you look at the studies conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the number one quality that employers are looking for and want in a prospective employee: Communication Skills- Verbal and Written (Gersen & Gerson).

• How much does it cost?

Degree Programs

The degree program tuition is DKK 25.000 per semester. Tuition for the year (2 Semesters) includes 12 classes of 10 weeks each (60 ECTS points), as well as unlimited access to all of our workshops (on campus or online).


The 4-week workshops are 495 DKK and meet once a week for two hours or are conducted online in an asynchronous environment. The weekend workshops range from 250-500 DKK and meet Saturdays from 11:00-16:00.

Find all of our workshops and events on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pg/thesouthgatesociety/events

• What are the requirements to apply to the degree program?

You must have the academic maturity to study at a university level, understand the courses being taught in English, and a valid student visa (when applicable).

  • When do the semesters begin and how long are they? 

The semester is 21 weeks long. There are six (6) semester classes that consist of 10 sessions each. Three (3) Reading Weeks are inserted into the semester curriculum due to the incredibly large amount of reading and writing required by our students. When lectures are over, student begin one-on-one supervision with an instructor who works with them on developing a chapter each semester that will become part of their final manuscript in the fourth year. Students are also expected to intern 5 hours a week; manage their author platform 2 hours per week; and attend a minimum of two electives per semester.


  •  What are the final exams like?

The final exam is a Danish “Portfolio Exam” that consists of assignments given throughout the semester and total 30 ECTS points (per semester). For full-time students, 80 of 240 ECTS points will be examined by external examiners. Exams will take place at the end of the semester before the Christmas or Summer break.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions? 

E-mail SGS at: info@thesouthgatesociety.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thesouthgatesociety

Phone: +45 4131 8032

  • Press, Journalists, Advertising

Please contact LeAnne Kline at +45 4131 8032 or send an email to leanne@thesouthgatesociety.com

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