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Monsters are lurking in the woods, beneath the waves and within our favourite books, films and games. Monsters are manifestations of our fears and symbols of our society – not to mention they’re a lot of fun – but each should serve a purpose and enhance the themes and tension in your fiction. In this course, you’ll learn what monsters can (and should) represent in your story and how to create monsters from the ground up.

Superhero Comics

What are some themes in Superhero Comics?

Superhero comics tend to explore a range of different issues, often pertaining to growing up and ethical questions regarding the use of power and the importance of difference. As such, there is an overlap between superhero comics and young adult fiction, even as superhero comics have also grown up since the 1980s. Through this course, we will investigate four main issues: racism and prejudice, politics, violence, and identity. Together, these themes explore the multitude of superhero comics today. 

The New Short Story

What exactly is New Fiction?

Over the course of this class, we will not arrive at an answer to this question; it is, simply, far too vast.

What we will aim to do, however, is broaden our understanding of how contemporary fiction is written and, more importantly, how to write it ourselves. In short, we will learn how to love it and how to hate it.

Primarily, our focus will be on short stories. Working from the basis of works of one or two new and upcoming American writers (e.g. Miranda July and Lindsay Hunter), taking particular notice of structure and description, as well as, perhaps most pertinently, narrative style, each session will, subsequent to a short lecture on general traits and characteristics of contemporary short fiction, be spent working on and discussing these traits in exercises prepared by the students before each session.

Jog Your Creativity!

Don’t Just Sit There!

Learn to think and write with all your physical senses, maintain profluence, forward momentum, and discern relevant detail.