Alicia Schulze-Makuch


Alicia is part of the 2018 cohort at SGS who applied to SGS because she wanted to further expand her artistic and creative writing skills. While attending demanding advanced classes in school she learned how to stay on schedule and work under pressure to meet deadlines while simultaneously creating pleasing work. This skill has greatly helped her at SGS, Her overall academic goal is to use and advance her writing and art skills to create both visually stunning films as well as with unique plot and characters.


John F. Kennedy School, Berlin, Germany — High School Diploma

2016-2017, Grade 12

Work Experience

Filmpark Babelsberg GmbH, Potsdam, Germany — Actress for the Horror Nights

October 2017

❏Responsible for staying in character during the time of the event and when

interacting with guests and co-workers. I was also responsible for my costume

and creating my own interpretation of the character with make-up for every



English: Mother tongue

German:C1 (Proficient)


Alicia’s main hobby is writing, currently she is focusing on her novel. However, she also writes short stories, poetry, fairy tales, and a fantasy newspaper for her little brother (which includes news stories from the imaginative world they made up). When not writing her time is spent on realistic pencil drawings where she explores telling stories through images.