Young Adult Book Publishers

Young Adult Book Publishers

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People tried to warn me, but I thought my kids would be the exception. However, almost like clockwork, my three teenagers are different than they were as pre-teens. They look different, sound different, act different, and even smell different (like seriously different). And they read different books than they did before they became these people…also known as young adults.

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Chronicle Books publishes 90 titles per year in a variety of genres, including books for adults, children, and young adults. The editors say, “We publish an exciting range of books, stationery, kits, calendars, and novelty formats.” Potential authors should submit query letter, synopsis, and 3 sample chapters.

JourneyForth publishes 8-10 titles per year, including young adult fiction. The editors say, “Our fiction is all based on a Christian worldview.” Potential authors should submit a cover letter describing the project and target audience, biographical information, 5 sample chapters, and a brief synopsis.

Splashing Cow Books publishes 10 titles per year in a variety of genres. In fact, they prefer not to limit which genres, lengths, or formats in which they might publish. The editors say, “We will never reject a book because it doesn’t fit neatly into a marketable genre–in fact, we feel that commercial genres can often be too limiting. Stories lead; genres follow. It shouldn’t be the other way around.” Potential authors should submit via their online submission form.


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