Writing Fight Scenes Report #2: Royal Danish Navy Ship

In my last report on developing the course called writing fight scenes, I mentioned that when you ask for advice and expertise, most people want to share information with you! Yesterday, I met with the husband of a good friend of mine, who has served in the Royal Danish Army, and is currently serving in the Royal Danish Navy named Carsten Paul Lindholm.

We talked for three hours about the military, training, combat, various wars, and the mantra of the day was:

Been there. Done that. Got a T-Shirt!

I’m an Army Brat, myself, so we had a lot to talk about in terms of my father’s military service and what it was like growing up in the military and moving from Army base to Army base, experiencing blackouts, learning new languages, and being surrounded by soldiers.

VIP tour of a Royal Danish Navy Ship, just for SGS students!

Carsten Paul Lindholm

Education: Automation technician, Sergeant (NCO) in the Army, First lieutenant (Officer of the reserve) in the Army (10 years), Tank platoon commander Leopard 1A5, Gun Technician in the Royal Danish Navy (Advanced Gun Systems) (4 years).

His present position: Automationtechnicianr/Guntechnician on advanced artillery sytems in RDN, and machine guns.

I want my students to learn about the military for many reasons. A lot of them are writing science fiction and fantasy novels, with epic battles across multiple universes. And to get it right, I think they can learn a lot from a hands-on tour of one of Denmark’s Royal Danish Navy Ships. They can feel the ship, the metal, smell the ocean air and the preparation, experience the claustrophobic quarters, and imagine weeks at sea. They can talk to officers and NCOs and ask questions and refine their research and understanding of the military. Then they can apply this new knowledge into infusing a sense of authenticity into their writing.

I think we’re in good hands with this expert!

Carsten also has some book recommendations that will help deepen the course in terms of novels that he found had an authentic feel to them. Here are a few: 

We also discussed some war films that are believable and authentic like Platoon, Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, and others.

What films and books do YOU recommend?


Written by: LeAnne Kline
If you would like to contact LeAnne you can email her at: leanne@thesouthgatesociety.com

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