Writing Fight Scenes Report #1: Skytteforeningen Kimbrerne

This semester is going to be an exciting one for SGS students! Our genre-driven semester is focused on Romance- more about that later. The important thing is that one of our students, Jesper V. Nielsen, requested a class on writing fight scenes. We even found a book called Writing Fight Scenes on Amazon by Rayne Hall, which is inclusive and fascinating!

But the luxury of being a private school is the luxury of inspiration!

I have the unique opportunity, as the director of the school, to let my inspiration lead me through my research, and I get to go down any number of rabbit holes and adventures in the name of education and creative writing. So, not only did I buy the book, but I also began reaching out to various people and clubs in Aalborg, asking people if they could shed some light on anything from war strategies to survivalist methods, from gun clubs to military personnel, from the WWII museum to an expert on piracy and buccaneering!

So many people have responded, and so positively. And I have to remind myself, because sometimes I forget, that most people want to share their expertise…you just have to ask.

Today, we had a meeting with Hugo Sørensen, from the Aalborg gun club called Skytteforeningen Kimbrerne. We had a couple cups of coffee while we talked about the gun club here in Northern Denmark. We have agreed on a preliminary date in May for the SGS students to visit the club, have a workshop, and then a chance to shoot a rifle on an outdoor range!

There were quite a few insights that Hugo shared with us today, that I wanted to share with you:

  1. A New Form of Meditation: They have a program for kids with ADHD and Autism. I admitted that I would never have thought to pair children with ADHD/Autism with rifles. But what this program is about is teaching kids to become calm and to focus. One of the children did so well, that his teacher called Hugo and asked how they had taught him to focus so well…his assignments were complete and his grades were on the rise!
  2. In Denmark, in order to have a rifle for hunting you have to qualify that you can hit a target, every year, in order to keep your license, but also, to keep your rifle!

Hugo shared a lot of fascinating information with us today, that we are looking forward to hearing about in detail at our workshop in May. We will post pictures when the time comes so you, too, can enjoy our field trip with us.

In this picture: LeAnne Kline, Hugo Sørensen, Charlotte Deigaard HansenJesper V. Nielsen,

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