The School

The Physical School is located at the cultural epi-center of Aalborg Øst in the northern part of Denmark, in a building called Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus or “The Triangle.” The building is owned by Aalborg Minicipality and is host to cultural events, music, Cafe T prepares delicious food, a 3D Printing “Maker Space” and there’s a library! Trekanten brings together initiatives of all kinds that help citizens realize their cultural ideas and dreams. It also hosts conferences from around the world as well as for local businesses and organizations. See all events here.

It was renovated in 2017 and the outside of the building will be finishing up an outdoor project that included renovating the bridge, renovating the bike path to make room for the new electric bus that will drive by all the way to the new Aalborg “Super” Hosipital! The new landscape architecture provides an inspiring view with lush greenery all around the building.

The Building Itself: The building has five teaching rooms, one theater, two cafe spaces, a Maker Space in the basement, a music recording studio, and an outdoor “Container” in which musicians can play, perform, and practice, as well as actors who can perform.

The Outdoor Area: The outdoor area consists of a parking lot (free parking), grassy fields (with horses), trees and greenery within a residential neighborhood, landscaping, and easy access to the bus stop, as well as a new electric bus route.

One entrance to Trekanten
The Mayor, Thomas Kastrup-Larsen visiting Trekanten










Outdoor renovation
Outdoor Renovation





Christmas Hygge at Cafe T
Cafe T Food
Outdoor Fun at Trekanten