The New Short Story

What exactly is New Fiction?

Over the course of this class, we will not arrive at an answer to this question; it is, simply, far too vast.

What we will aim to do, however, is broaden our understanding of how contemporary fiction is written and, more importantly, how to write it ourselves. In short, we will learn how to love it and how to hate it.

Primarily, our focus will be on short stories. Working from the basis of works of one or two new and upcoming American writers (e.g. Miranda July and Lindsay Hunter), taking particular notice of structure and description, as well as, perhaps most pertinently, narrative style, each session will, subsequent to a short lecture on general traits and characteristics of contemporary short fiction, be spent working on and discussing these traits in exercises prepared by the students before each session.

After each session, you will then be given a brief assignment wherein you are to apply the things discussed in the session. This can be in the form of a new piece of work for each session, or continuation of a single short story, which could then ultimately serve as the final assignment.


This workshop meets 2 times:

October 20 & 21





Trekanten Bibliotek & Kulturhus

9220 Aalborg


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