The 8-Essentials Romance Paradigm

Last week, students had a reading week. Why? Because students at SGS had to read two novels in preparation for classes, a total sum of  1,072 page. With the average reading speed of 2 minutes per page, this equals 37.73 hours of reading.

Students read Pamela- or Virtue Rewarded (1740) written by Samuel Richardson whom some say was the first feminist novelist and wrote the first “best seller” and it’s still selling. You can find it on Amazon here.






AND Pride and Prejudice (1813) written by Jane Austen and many call it The Best Romance Novel Ever Written and illustrates the eight essential elements for romance:

1.Society Defined
2.The Meeting
3.The Barrier
4.The Attraction
5.The Declaration
6.Point of Ritual Death
7.The Recognition
8.The Betrothal
Some popular love stories fit into this 8-Essentials Paradigm. Can you deconstruct your favorite Romance and see if each of the 8 Essentials can be found in their plots?
Beautiful Disaster









Written by: LeAnne Kline
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