Online Workshops

Workshops are taught in Creative Writing, Academic Writing, and Business Writing. Most online workshops begin the first Tuesday of every month and last four weeks. You work individually, in an asynchronous environment, along with an expert educator and researcher who engages with you in the Main Forum of the classroom in The Speakeasy (online classroom).

Online Course Catalog

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v6500-195x300  Creating an Author Platform   Learn more!
9781607741947The Art of Resume Writing   Learn more!
breakout-novelPolishing Your Work   Learn more!
The New Short StoryThe New Short Story   Learn more!
Fantasy & ScifiFantasy & Scifi copyFantasy & Science Fiction: The Basics   Learn more!
ThrillerWriting the Thriller   Learn more!
The HobbitTolkien & The Hobbit: Reading, Discussing, and Exploring   Learn more!
MysteryWriting the Modern Day Mystery   Learn more!

Better Business Writing
  Learn more!
LoTRExploring The Lord of the Rings: Themes and Characters   Learn more!
Heroe ArchetypesTolkien’s Hero Archetypes: From Túrin to Frodo   Learn more!
History of Science FictionHistory of Science Fiction   Learn more!
Science Fiction TodayScience Fiction Today   Learn more!
2808655277_3430939f1f_zScreenwriting: Dramatic Story Structure   Learn more!
Introduction to Comics   Learn  more!