Screenwriting Degree

The four-year screenwriting degree focuses on developing knowledge of genres, practical application, and publishing work, while building platforms, networks, and learning the skills every artist-entrepreneur needs to build their business and brand. You will learn not only the craft of writing, but also learn to master tools and techniques to build a career as a writer.

Start your first year with a foundation in all forms of creative writing. The second year introduces you to the history and analysis of of screenwriting with a focus on Hollywood and Global Cinema with classes on 3-Act Structure, Copyright, Writing for a Budget, Conducting Research,  and the Art of the Pitch. The third year expands through the study of contemporary film and adaptation with a focus on documentaries and experimental screenwriting. You will develop skills in character development and authentic dialogue, while also learning how to write a film review, synopsis, script analysis, and filmography. In your fourth year, you write a feature-length screenplay and query agents, while researching artist residency programs as well as developing a marketing strategy, grant application, and refined pitch.

This degree is available on campus or online. Check out the curriculum below.

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