Coloring Postcards & Saving Oceans for Christmas

Buy a Beautiful Postcard as a Christmas gift or Stocking Stuffer

By Author Pauline la Petite

SGS student Pauline la Petite is an author of  poetry and creative nonfiction, and she illustrates her own works now has two beautiful postcards available for sale on her Etsy store. Support your local artist, but also, by purchasing these postcards, you’re also saving the ocean!


7 Euros (includes shipping)

How to get your postcards:

Etsy Shop

Pauline’s Website:

Coloring Postcards for Christmas















Coloring postcards by Pauline la Petite

Pauline is the founder of the blog, where she publishes many of her works, including poetry, lifestyle and health articles, short stories, and more. Pauline is interested in business, blogging, non-fiction and rhetoric and composition.

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