Playwriting Degree

The four-year playwriting degree focuses on developing knowledge of genres, practical application, and publishing work, while building platforms, networks, and learning the skills every artist-entrepreneur needs to build their business and brand. You will learn not only the craft of writing, but also learn to master tools and techniques to build a career as a writer.

Start your first year with a foundation in all forms of creative writing. The second year introduces you to the history and analysis of drama and playwriting, with a focus on the conventions of writing for the stage as well as how to break the rules of those very conventions. During the second and third year, students will study tools of storytelling, story structure, dramatic scenes and character interaction, and dialogue. Moving into the third year, students focus on the full length play while developing scenes and analyzing the connection between writing and conveying visual components, direction, sound, props, set design, and more. And finally, in the fourth year, students write and refine a feature-length play.

This degree is available on campus or online. Check out the curriculum below.

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