Pauline Pichlmair

Pauline was born in the south of Germany in 1997. She and her sister grew up in a fairly small town living with their mother. From a very young age, she was drawn to arts such as writing, painting, and dancing. Through her mother and later stepfather, she also got exposed to natural healing, holistic health, spirituality, homeopathy, psychoanalysis and traveling from early on. She started writing stories and journaling in elementary school and used this craft as her way of expressing her feelings and creativity.It helped her getting through dark times during her teenage years and always helped her to understand herself and situations better but also escape reality when she wasn’t happy in her present life situation. 

At the age of 17, one morning she woke up from a very detailed and unique lucid dream. She really felt the urge of writing the story down and preserving it.  From then on the idea of becoming a writer and publishing books, which already had been on her mind as a child,  was present again. She worked on her dream- story a little bit at a time but was still focusing on other things as finishing high school and then attending a full-time dance academy in Barcelona. After that, she started traveling all around the world for three years in total. 

During that time of traveling, she experienced many different parts of herself and got to know a lot about herself, other people, nutrition and fitness, different cultures, Yoga, how to travel really cheap and similar. On the other side, she trapped herself more and more in fear-driven beliefs about herself,  which lead to disordered eating habits and a very distorted view of herself. This mental state and her actions resulting from that took away all of her energy to write and create art. She was lost in looking for external validation to fill a hole inside herself, which she could only fill with her own love. This cycle moved on until everything collapsed one day while she lived in Sydney. She realized that she had punished herself for way too long and that she had suppressed her passion and love for writing, because of all the fear-based beliefs she had about her self, for much too long as well. She was done with the self-punishing cycle. 

She was done with suppressing her love for art and her true self, for an image that kept her feeling externally validated,  but pushed her into losing herself more and more. She was done with getting lost in businesses and worlds that didn’t suit her soul. She decided to end this self-destructing cycle and went back to Germany. She took several months to heal her body and mind. This time of healing and resting ended up being one of the hardest but most beneficial periods in her life. Through losing everything she believed she was (her skinny dancer body, modeling, etc.) and pushing herself into her biggest fears, she got to know who she really was.

    She experienced how good it feels to embrace yourself and to love yourself for what lives inside your body. She allowed herself channeling her energy into writing and creating a voice on this blog by sharing what she had taken from these experiences and changes to inspire others to free themselves from fear. Having this platform and space online to share what is close to her heart always had been so fulfilling and inspiring. Every single message she ever got means the world to her. Since then, she has been publishing poetry and blog posts on here and on here Instagram PaulinelaPetite. During that time she also started working on her dream-story again.

    After finishing the first draft of the manuscript in summer 2017, she traveled to Asia and Hawaii studying and teaching Yoga. By that time, it was clear to her that what she wanted to do – what she needed to do – with her life: Write and create a voice in this world. It always had been her silent best friend and companion. It always had been her comfort zone and her best way to express the messages she wants to spread. Writing the first draft of her dream-story had been part of her self-healing journey. She applied to the creative writing school “The South Gate Society“ in Denmark, Aalborg and got accepted. 

     She hopes to inspire others to live a more conscious, true-to-themselves and fulfilled life. She also keeps taking you with her on her journey of becoming her best self and fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer, creating a platform for inspiring messages and creating a voice for herself and others, to encourage many people and open many eyes. Her dream-story is supposed to become her first published book and is currently worked on during her studies. You can follow her on her website:


Abitur Gymnasium Waldkraiburg, Waldkraiburg, Germany (2015)


Varium, Dance Acadmie, Barcelona, Spain (2016)



Accredited Barista certification, Sydney, Australia (2016)

Institut für Kreativitätspsychologie München, Novel Writing Workshop, Munich, Germany (2017)

Yoga Teacher, 200hr Certification  “Path of Yoga“ 200hr, Chiangmai, Thailand (2018)

Multistyle Yoga Teacher, 200hr Certification, Koh Phanggan, Thailand (2018)

Work Experience

2018 Assistant Yoga Teacher Training “Path of Yoga”, Chiang May, Thailand

2017 Yoga & Guided Meditation Teacher, Oahu, Hawaii

2017 Production Office at “ZF TRW”, ASchau a. Inn, Germany


German- 1. Mother language

French – 2. Mother language

English – fluent in writing and speaking

Spanish – Basics


Writing, traveling, poetry, reading, holistic health, dance, Yoga, art, any kind of sports,blogging, ocean, Spirituality, self development, environment and nutrition, Marketing, Psychology