Heksens Mærke by Sascha Christensen

 “After revealing Linny’s plot and preventing a mutiny in Tangea, Magne is finally learning to balance his responsibilities in Tangea with his life in the real world. But the first Sunday of December, he finds footprints in the snow outside his window in Green Creek — and they are not human.  A stranger with hoof-like feet and a hypnotic voice is watching Magne from the shadows, and he begins to realize that there’s still a lot he doesn’t know about the history of the reservation.

And the unseen threat is not Magne’s only problem: A new people is moving into his town in Tangea, and cramped quarters quickly lead to a flammable atmosphere. One spark is all it’ll take for everything to go up in smoke … “

Heksens Mærke is the third installment in the series. Previous titles include:

Heksens Arving

Heksens Hjælper

Sascha Christensen (1986) is the Danish author of the award-winning and critically acclaimed Humaran Trilogy, and of the ongoing Heksens Arving series about a boy named Magne, who inherits his grandmother’s job as a caretaker in a reservation for magical beings.

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