Four Study Skills at SGS

At SGS, our students attend a Study Skills workshop every week. In this workshop, we go over what the homework was and is, questions the students have about courses and exams, but we also go over skills they will need in their professional lives.

  1. How to organize and maintain your calendar. At SGS, all of our courses are kept on a Google Calendar. We create sub-calendars for each year of students, and have one calendar that is all-inclusive. In this way, students can choose which calendar they want to look at, or alternatively, to look at the day, week, or month-view. All of their deadlines are put onto the calendar in the beginning of the semester, as well as all Reading Weeks, so they can properly plan their studies. If you are an AAU Student, did you know you can import your Uni schedule from Moodle, right into your Google Calendar?
  2. Group studying. When all the students are in the same room together and asking questions, we find that most students have the same question(s) and benefit from getting a clear answer, all at the same time. Questions arise, and clarity is crucial.
  3. Organizing folders. In today’s world of e-documents, it is critical to develop a folder system in which you save all of your documents and can find them again! Have you ever saved a document as “untitled.doc”? SGS students are required to save their documents with the following information: Class Name, Last Name, Date/Assignment number. In this way, all of the homework is saved in a uniform manner that makes it easy to find later.
  4. Clouds. All SGS students are required to save their homework, which is their portfolio exam at the end of the semester, into an Exam Folder in Dropbox. Dropbox is fantastic because even if documents are trashed or deleted, it saves all the iterations and all of them can be restored.

These are just four study skills the students learn at SGS. What study skills have you learned that are essential to your academic success?

Written by: LeAnne Kline
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