An indefinite amount of applications are accepted each year. Applications are accepted starting March 1 on a rolling basis. The first seats are evaluated until June 30. Second Seat Applications, if any seats are available, are accepted until August 15.

SGS reserves the right to accept up to 25 students per year, but may also choose a smaller class cohort depending on quality of application as assessed by the Application Review Board.

Time Commitment

Students are expected to work on their education as if it is a full time job, which means that, weekly, students are expected to attend classes, read in preparation for classes, write homework assignments, in total of 35-42 hours per week, for 22 weeks per semester.

Inactive Status

A student may be placed on Inactive Status if:

  • They miss more than two tuition payments
  • They miss more than two weeks of classes
  • Their exams are not passed
  • Student requests to be put on inactive status

Duration of Education

The duration of the education is 4 years (8 semesters of 22 weeks each).