4 Days to CWC 18!

CWC is Short and Sweet


We’ll start the day with some movement, and using it to write characters and action! Then, you’ll choose your own adventure by going to a workshop on Getting Over Writer’s Block or, alternatively, wield your best defence weapons as you head over to Survival Horror in Gaming.

Remember, throughout the day, Writing Coaches are available to read your work and give you feedback for improvement!

Then we’ll have a healthy lunch and during this time you can hobknob with authors like Mads Nygaard and Glenn Ringtved, award-winning authors and good friends of SGS, and ask them about their writing process, their publication experiences, where they find their divine inspiration, and probably any other question that pops into your head.

After lunch, Mads Nygaard will teach a workshop on Using Anxiety for Better Writing. It IS bliss, isn’t it? Anxiety? Check! You’ve got that, now how can you harness the energy of it into improving your writing? Mads will illuminate us!

Then, the serious writers who have a story in their head, but need help visualizing and organizing it can head on over to Mapping Out the Novel while other can choose to wield their defence weapons and head over to the Survival Horror in Gaming class.

Coaches remain available all day, to give you feedback on your writing, and a new addition to the agenda is Assistant Professor Elizabeth Jocham who will coach you on your reading voice to prepare you for the Open Mic. She is an expert in theatre and production, and will help you achieve the Voice of your piece!

Buy your ticket now for only 100 kroner.

Groups of 4 can buy tickets for 75 kroner each!

See the program for the day

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