4 Days to Creative Writing Camp 2018!

CWC is short and sweet!


Students will start the day by learning how to move while developing characters and writing action. The, you’ll get to choose between Getting Over Writer’s Block or brace yourself for learning about Survival Horror in Gaming.

We’ll have a quick, healthy lunch and chat with students, volunteers, or cozy up to an author like Mads Nygaard and Glenn Ringtved. These celebrated and award-winning authors are happy to discuss with you their writing process, their experience with publishing, and probably any other topic you want to discuss!

Mads Nygaard will then teach a workshop on Using Anxiety for Good WritingThis is a topic we can all relate to: anxiety? check! We’ve got that covered, right? But using it to improve my writing? Who knew you could do that?

Now, during the day, don’t forget to take advantage of the coaching room, in which you will be able to meet with some readers who will check out your latest piece of creative writing and give you honest feedback!

For serious writers, you can join in on the workshop for Mapping Out Your Novel. This will be held for writers who have an idea, but don’t yet have a structure or gameplan on how to write the entire book. Alternatively, head on over to the Improv class, in which you will learn how to use improv in your writing.

Buy your ticket now for only 100 kroner.

Groups of 4 can buy tickets for 75 kroner each!

See the program for the day

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